Saturday, July 08, 2017

Congratulations to Cheryl!

Today we gathered to celebrate Cheryl, who left NBIA after 27 and a half years. Tracy and Tina hosted a party for her, where we surprised her with a memory book. We all contributed photos and stories to the book.

Cheryl also got a boat this year, so naturally she needed a captain's hat! All of the photos in this set that are really great quality are courtesy of Dennis Powell (thanks, Dennis!).


Another surprise was JUDY!! We managed to keep it a surprise that Judy would be attending the party. Of course, there were lots of happy tears. Yay, Judy!


Who knows what TJ was saying to Randy and Cheryl? They both seem skeptical though.


NBIA crew!

Billie and Randy!

Dudes chatting in the sunshine.

Megan and me!

Not exactly sure what's happening here, but it looks wild.

TJ reflected in my shades.

Group photo! NBIA blood runs thick.

Bye, Randy!

When it started to get dark, we had a champagne circle. We passed around the blanc de blancs.

And we called Tom!! Hi, Tom!

Tom making everyone laugh. The usual.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Fourth of July Parade and Cookout

Happy Fourth of July! We got things started this morning joining Athens Social Pack Walk in the Fourth of July Parade. We were going to march in this parade last year, but it poured rain. Felix was festive in his stars and stripes bandana!


Uncle Tom and Aunt Sue!

That evening, Mom and Dad hosted a Fourth of July cookout! I gave Kate a golden unicorn pegasus.

Mmm, sausages!

And peach crisp!

Time for sparklers! U!S!A!


Happy Fourth of July, y'all!

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Kayla's Bachelorette Cabin Weekend at The Merlot

Kayla's bachelorette weekend was this weekend! We rented the Merlot cabin in Hocking Hills, just like we did for Vana's bachelorette weekend. Cheryl helped us prepare decorations, and she stopped by to send us off. We took this opportunity to take a belly photo of Vana! Look at that baby bump!

We decorated the Merlot with flowers from Cheryl's garden.

Quite soon after arriving, Leda's foot got stung by a bee!! We applied baking soda.

Cocktails with obligatory wiener straws.

And the tried-and-true bachelorette party game, Pin The Wiener on the Naked Man! We hung him up immediately so he could keep us company all weekend.

Vana and I were in charge of meals! Friday night was taco night.

To the deck for some group photos!

Vana baked these delicious chocolate wiener cakes.

Decorating them was one of the activities for the weekend!

Lookin' good, ladies!

#Tinypit! A sign of good fortune from the bachelorette fairy.

Mmm, tacos!

Psychedelic wiener cakes for dessert.

Cheryl also set us up with a party favor game! She had a door prize, and we put everyone's names in a jar to see who would win it. Kayla drew names and...

...Leda won! Look at that snazzy duster glove! She rocks it!

The next morning we were up bright and early. Good morning, Leda!

Vana and I relaxed on the front porch.

Quiche and taters for breakfast!

After breakfast it was time for sunbathing.

Then, time to fill up the pool! We chose the flattest location for the pool, but the hose wouldn't quite reach. So we had to take turns aiming the hose toward the pool.

It was very much "How many girls does it take to fill up a blow-up pool?"

Patience is a virtue.

The hose water was icy cold, so we got creative and boiled some water on the stove. I poured in a few tea kettles...

And then Sierra took it to the next level with a giant soup pot of hot water!


Finally, we reached the fill line!



Sunbathing Vana!


Chilling by the pool.

Nancy and Kayla.


Reece's Peanut Butter Cups!

For lunch, I made a giant rainbow kale salad.

And Vana made egg salad! It was a delicious combo.

It's not a bachelorette party without some beer pong!

Hot tubbin'.

Vana and I did relaxing.

Soon it was time for another craft activity! This one was "decorate your own wiener for Pin The Wiener on the Naked Man."

We decorated diligently.

Finished wieners! My wiener:

Nancy's wiener:

Vana's wiener:

Sierra's wiener:

Leda's wiener:

Kayla's wiener:

We also had metallic temporary tattoos to have fun with!

Dinner time! Vana and I made two kinds of lasagna:

Plus garlic bread and leftover salad:

We did a trial run fashion show of our bridesmaids dresses!

Then it was time for PRESENTS!

And finally, Pin The Wiener on the Naked Man.

Kayla was the grand champion! As it should be.

The next morning we did a few more group photos.

Then we played a game of Bowl of Nouns before we had to leave the cabin and go back to normal life.

It was a fabulous weekend, and so much fun to celebrate sweet Kayla. We love you, Kayla!