Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Agility class at Milliron Clinic

Ben and I have been taking Felix to Agility class at Milliron Clinic! It's a six-week class, and tonight was the second to last class. There are three dogs in the class: Felix, Rosy and Maigida.

Here's Valerie and Rosy on the dog walk!

Kim and Maigida on the triple jump!

Rosy on the dog walk.

Felix on the dog walk!

Rosy on the triple jump!

Maigida on the A-frame.

Felix on the dog walk again. PRANCING.

Rosy on the teeter!

Felix on the jump!

Felix being SO GOOD. (Before he saw a cat later and was THE LOUDEST.)

Felix on the teeter.

Maigida on the dog walk!

Rosy on the A-frame!

Maigida on the weave poles!

Felix sticking his head into the tube (he hasn't been brave enough to go through it yet).

Rosy on the weave poles!

Felix on the A-frame. He went up and over it a bunch when we first started classes, but now that it's gotten a lot taller, he doesn't want to go up and over anymore! I think it's because he's so big that his momentum makes him scurry down the other side too fast and he gets freaked out.

Felix going through the tire!

Rosy over on the dog walk!

Rosy on the weave poles.

Felix on the weave poles.

Maigida (notice the addition of the sweater - too much cuteness!) on the A-frame.

Maigida on the dog walk!

Felix on the teeter.

Maigida on the dog walk!

Felix on the triple jump.

I also took some videos!

Valerie and Rosy doing the course:

Ben and Felix doing the course:

Kim and Maigida doing the course:

Next week is our last class. Graduation! Wish us all luck!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ridges hike with Felix

This afternoon was a PERFECT Fall day, so Ben and I took Felix up to the Ridges for a hike!

He was into it.

Seriously, a perfect day.

Gratuitous dog photos.

Happy Fall!

Brunch at Lori's!

Lori and Rik bought a house! Lori had Summer, Yumi and I over this morning for brunch and euchre. Summer provided Bloody Mary ingredients. CHEERS!

Aren't they beautiful!?

Ben came along to hang with Rik, so I made him this tall, manly Bloody Mary.

Mmm, brunch. Congratulations, Rik and Lori!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Homecoming 2015

Mom, Mer and I headed uptown early this morning to catch the 2015 Homecoming Parade. Hi, Rufus!

The Ohio University Marching 110!

Many nations.

The Alumni Gateway!


The Post!

Peter Kotses for Athens City Council!

Recumbent bicycle.

LGBT pride!


The Alumni Band! There's Jenn Bowie on the left! Hi, Jenn!

These flags have seen a lot of love.

You're never too old to funk.

We caught up with the front of the alumni band on our way down to Peden.

Emeriti Park was looking splendid!


More tailgating! Thanks Kari Gunter Seymour Peterson for this photo.

Halftime show.

We've never stayed til the end of a football game before! It was just too much fun watching the Bobcats kick Miama's butt!!