Sunday, June 09, 2019

Nelsonville Music Fest/Happy Birthday Jason!

Nelsonville Music Festival 2019 was a blast! ONMFG! Jason turned 40 on the final day of the fest, so all weekend long we recorded happy birthday messages to surprise him with.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

April in May Cooking Club!

We've all been so crazy busy, we never managed to pull off a cooking club in April! And we're finally getting around to it near the end of May! Valerie hosted, with Yumi and me helping cook, and the theme was Vegetarian.

Yumi started us off with an asparagus puff pastry appetizer. Fresh, delicate asparagus from the farmer's market!

I made strawbery ginger tequila cocktails. Cheers!

Valerie treated us to the BEST salad, featuring pea shoots, farro, and pecorino cheese.

I made Smitten Kitchen's roasted tomato pasta salad, with toasted pine nuts, kalamata olives, fresh basil and local feta. Mmm.

Liza was afraid of my camera and hid behind Valerie for protection.

Valerie made halloumi tacos with pineapple salsa and aji verde. They were the BEST!

We relaxed outside while the sun set, making room for dessert. Vizslas!


Cooking club!!

Cooking club is very serious. The first rule of cooking club is you do not talk about cooking club.

Ooooh, time for dessert! Whip that cream, Yumi!

Oh, hello! Strawberry galette.

Strawberry galette with whipped cream!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Happy birthday, Ben!

To celebrate Ben's birthday, we headed to Dennis's cabin out on the land! We stopped in Tupper's Plains on the way, and Dad loved this popcorn tree. Mmm, popcorn!

Dad, Felix and the birthday boy!

Dennis's old bridge washed away long ago, so we all had to walk the plank to get across.

Walk the plank!!

It was pretty exciting!

We used sticks for balance!

Go, Mom!

Nina making sure the precious pizza cargo makes it across safely!

We all made it across the stream and up to the cabin! Phil and the birthday boy. Cheers!

Felix and Farro had a fun time playing in the woods.

Jasper exploring!

Pete and Mer!


Jasper pointing.

Ben and Rachid!

Phil and Nina!

Mer and Joey!

Me and Dad!

Dennis fired up the rocket stove so we could rewarm the pizzas. It worked great!

Little Kate made the birthday cake! Isn't it gorgeous?

When you're turning 39, it takes three people to light all your candles.

Make a wish!

Cutting into it.

So proud! Nailed it.

Look at that surprise blue layer inside!

MMM! Happy birthday, Ben!

Group photo! Dennis said this party was a record for how many people have been in the cabin at once!

The first group photo was Lara's. This was my attempt at a group shot with my camera. Hahaha!!

Cute Cooking Club!

The March cooking club was brunch hosted by Emily, with Summer and Nancy joining her as chefs. The theme was CUTE!!! Yumi, Valerie and I got to simply show up and enjoy the delightful cuteness.

Emily made little cauliflower and manchego cheese hand pie turtles! With little quince paste hearts!

Emily and Charlotte made rainbow fruit skewers! Pretty.

Emily made a salad GARDEN! With insects and mushrooms!!

Look at how cute!!!

Nancy made little deviled egg CHICKS!! This cooking club ventured into too much cuteness territory like five minutes after it started.

Nancy also made little bear cookies! Look at those little bears hugging their toasty almonds!


Pink lemonade mimosas with gummy bears!


Here's where things took a turn for the UNBEARABLY cute. Summer made little steamed pork buns shaped like baby seals!!!!!!



Is this not the cutest plate of food you have ever seen? It is.

Charlotte and Emily also made an ice cream garden!

Summer made beautiful apple pie roses!

Cutest cooking club ever ever EVER.