Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ohio University Homecoming 2014

Mer, Lil' Kate and I headed out on a homecoming adventure today! Our first stop was at a breakfast party to meet up with some friends. There were all sorts of delicious treats there, including these sparkly Ohio cookies. Mmm!

Then we walked uptown to the parade!

The Marching 110!

The Appalachian Hell Betties!

Passionworks featuring a guy on a UNICORN bicycle!!!!!


Puppet people!


Giant pumpkin!

Rufus with some cheerleaders!

The Alumni Marching Band!

I got some video of the alumni band:

After the parade, we walked down to the stadium for a tailgate party!

There was tons of deliciousness! Sandwiches, fried chicken, pepperoni rolls, peanut butter balls and more!

Mmm, pretzel rods!

Then we headed into the stadium to meet up with Mom! This took awhile due to a brand new "no backpacks" rule, and we had to talk to a lot of different people before they would let us in. Mer had a backpack full of Kate's stuff!

It was a beautiful afternoon for a football game, and it was super fun even though we lost to Bowling Green. Happy Homecoming 2014!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Paint The Office Green

Our office decided to enter in the Ohio University Homecoming Paint Your Office Green decorating contest! We went all out. We hung photos of our families on the porch to go with this year's Bobcat Family Reunion theme.

This is Stuffy. Isn't he creepy? He's been showing up in various places throughout our office all week, scaring the crap out of everybody.

Our front room got streamers!

Pluf Rufus and his family tree!

Look at Rufus's family! (75% of them might be Charlie...)

Sarah and my door!

Glitter paw! I got glitter everywhere and it was awesome.

We decorated Steve and Jeff's door in exchange for them helping us hang stuff up really high.

The stairs!

I hope we get to keep the decorations up forever!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

My parents hosted a birthday dinner for me! Dad was grill master!

Mmm, chicken kebabs!


Mom, Mer and I recently went on a shopping trip to Columbus, and they had the cutest stuff at Loft! We each got a different shirt with hearts on it there. Since I love matching outfits, I requested that we all wear our new tops to my birthday dinner! YAY! TRIPLETS!!!!!!!

Hanging in the kitchen before we dish up!

Mmm! Mer made two delicious sides: farro tabbouleh and sweet potato salad.

Ben brought punch balloons! Kate loved them.


Larry's Dawg House ice cream cake!

That's what I'm talking about.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Moss's Birthday Bowling Party

Moss had a Bowling and Pizza birthday party at Rollerbowl!

Yang and Moss!

Captain Egg Fart's turn! I'm the "S" (Sparkling Cupcake) -- check it out, I'm WINNING!!!!

There goes Captain Egg Fart! (a.k.a. Dennis)


Since my birthday is tomorrow, I was invited to help blow out candles. Cassie brought cheesecake bites! It looks like I am doing competitive candle blowing or something. WIN WIN WIN!

Yang uses the same technique for bowling as he does for cornhole.