Sunday, August 07, 2005

Race to the Hills

Today was Race to the Hills at Lake Hope! Mer helped organize the race, and I went as a photographer. Mike Brown helped me find good spots to take pictures, since he wasn't racing. He was, however, in charge of one of the cowbells! Several race volunteers carried cowbells to ring as racers rode past. It was fun and exciting!

At some point during the race, I swore I heard a cat meowing. We were way out in the woods, though! I was like, "are there cat birds in Ohio?" Later when we went back up to the water station, Christina and Tina had a little kitten! They had heard meowing too, and called "Kitty kitty kitty!" and he came tearing out of the woods!

He was tiny and skinny and hungry. They fed him some leftover Casa and he chowed down! Some jerk must have dumped him out of their car. We took him down to the finish line with us, and almost as soon as we got there someone said they wanted him. Yay! He was the cutest. So yeah, there was some bike racing and stuff but ALSO, there was a KITTEN.

Click here for photos.

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