Sunday, October 02, 2005

Rabecca's Bachelorette Weekend!

This weekend was Rabecca's Bachelorette Party in Detroit! A bunch of us traveled to Rabecca and Julien's new house, which is AWESOME. Friday night, we went to Little Tree for sushi! Their sushi is incredible.

Saturday, we went shopping during the day, then relaxed in Rabecca's yard, resting up for the big night out! We all dressed up in all black, and Summer brought different brightly colored scarves for us to wear! Rabecca opened bachelorette presents (lingerie!), we ate pizza, and the limo picked us up at 9:00.

THE LIMO! We were all so excited to travel by limo. It was HUGE! There was tons of room inside. We mixed drinks, listened to music, and had a blast! We went to a bunch of clubs: Luna, Bosco, Posh, Envy, and Bleu. It was a great night, and we all partied on!

Click here for photos.

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