Thursday, August 10, 2006

Near Death Experience at the Athens County Fair

Tonight, I went to the Athens County Fair with Summer and Rose! We watched the Demolition Derby.

Candy Apple!


We screamed our faces off for the cars we were rootin' for!

After awhile we headed out to explore the rest of the fair. Look, that cow has the same name as Rose!

Candy Apples!!!!

As we were walking to the fair, this kid was giving us shit from the car he was in with his mom!! He was teasing us! Later we found him at the Lemon Shake Up booth and were like, "YOU! It's YOU! Not so tough when you're not in your mommy's car, are you?" and he was so shy and cute. He did not want me to take his picture so I DID:

Then Summer and I rode the rainbow ride! We rode with these girls Alexis and Kendra.

After the Rainbow Ride, we made the mistake of going down the Super Slide. At the top of the slide, something horrible and frightening happened. Here, Summer and I walk to our possible impending doom:

Now, this photo is dark and grainy, but I have utilized high-tech night vision technology, and you can kind of see what's going on. Basically, there were a shit ton of people crammed onto a tiny metal platform. A sort of large woman was trying to position herself onto a sack to go down the slide, but was having trouble fitting on. Meanwhile, she was precariously holding a BABY!!! All of a sudden, she slipped and fell backwards, slamming her head onto the metal wall behind her!

The structure was shaking and I was grabbing onto the railing and Summer was like "this is what you read about when you're like 'how dumb were all of those tons of people to cram onto that little space' and then you read about how it PLUMMETED to the EARTH.

Luckily, the baby didn't get hurt, and everyone worked together to get the mother and the baby down the stairs. Summer and I hopped on our sacks and slid down to safety.

When we got to the bottom we were like "I can't believe we're alive." "Let's get the eff out of here!"

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