Saturday, December 02, 2006

For Science

Tonight, Ben, Vana and I made burritos. After dinner, we decided we were in the mood for some SCIENCE! So we did some science experiments.

Experiment #1

For the first experiment, we decided to try and blow up a balloon using baking soda and vinegar.

The first thing a scientist will do is research their equations and hypothesis. Ben and Vana used The Internet to find the right ratios of the different components of the experiment.

The vinegar goes into the bottle.

The baking soda goes into the balloon.

You put the two together, and...

Success! Look at that balloon! Scientists!

Experiment #2

For the second experiment, we lit a piece of paper on fire, and stuffed it into a glass. Then we overturned the glass into a bowlful of water. The fire in the glass creates a CHEMICAL REACTION and the water all gets sucked right up into the glass! SCIENCE!

Experiment #3

This wasn't so much of an experiment as it was a RACE! I was going to be hosting a party the following night, and I needed to blow up 30 balloons. So we decided to have a RACE! We divided the balloons up into equal piles, and on our marks, got set, WENT!

Ben blew up one balloon for us to use as a size indicator. We had to try and make our balloons approximately that size.

Ben was the Winner!

Look at all those balloons!

Experiment #4

Since we had each just blown up a small pile of balloons as fast as we possibly could, we decided to drink a beer really fast to see if we felt more drunk than usual. The answer was YES!:

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