Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Review: Mountain Dew Revolution

My mom recently bought a 12-pack of this Mountain Dew Revolution soda, thinking it was diet. We both always like to try out new diet sodas! Realizing that it wasn't diet though, she knew she'd never drink it, so she sent it home with me. Ben, Anne and I decided to give it a taste.

Excited to try it!

Anne was also curious to see how Emma felt about it.

Ben was our first taster.


Thinking he might like it.

He does like it!!

Next up is Anne!


She votes that it is fine. Not awesome, not awful.

My turn.


Hard to say!

I vote neutral also. It's not MIND BLOWING, but it's not bad at all! Mostly I know that if I am going to drink my calories, they are going to be in BEER.

Ben finished his, Anne and I did not. The rating of Mountain Dew Revolution:

Anne put some drops on her finger and offered it to Emma.

Not interested.

MUCH more interested in the camera strap dangling nearby!

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