Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Suzanne!

Suzanne's birthday was last Thursday, but we had an ice storm that night, so we postponed it to tonight. We went to Lydi's Fine Dining in the Eclipse Company Town!

That is Suzanne's camera. Our cameras are twins. They're always so happy to see each other!


Lydi's has the cutest champagne flutes EVER.

champagne flute

Hooray! Yumi got Suzanne the silver sparkly Ann Taylor sweater. Now Yumi, Suzanne, Rose and I all have it.
Whee, I see a Matching Sweater Night in our future!

new  sweater!

AROUND THE WORLD! Suzanne and me:

suzanne and kate

Me and Leah:

kate  and leah

Leah and Yumi:

leah  and yumi

Yumi and Rose:

yumi  and rose

Rose and Nancy:

rose  and nancy

Nancy and Summer:

nancy  and summer

Summer and Suzanne:

summer and suzanne

Yay, Sephora gift card from Leah, Rose and I!

Sephora gift card!

Wild Mushroom soup. YUM.

Lydi's Fine Dining wild mushroom soup

Summer fed a little bit of soup to Suzanne's cleavage.

I got the halibut. I LOVE halibut.

Lydi's Fine Dining Athens Ohio

Leah got the steak.

Lydi's Fine Dining Athens Ohio

Birthday girl got the duck.

Lydi's Fine Dining Athens Ohio

Make a wish!

Lydi's Fine Dining Athens Ohio

Lydi's Fine Dining Athens Ohio

This was chevre cheesecake and it was INCREDIBLE.

Lydi's Fine Dining Athens Ohio

At the end of the night, Summer did a little Benny and Joon routine with the bread.

And yes, I was recording that!

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