Friday, January 23, 2009

Cheryl's Italian Party

This year is Cheryl's 21st year working at NBIA. Also, she is going to Italy this spring with her best friend! We decided to throw an anniversary party here at work for her. Leah and I were in charge of all the details. We decided to surprise her with an Italian theme! We converted our flourescent-lit meeting room into a romantic Italian bistro!

Cheryl was super surprised! We made her cry! YES!!!

We even had Tom on the web cam from all the way in England!

He wore his Viva Italia hat!

We had Mistretta's cater an Italian feast.

Time to eat! Mangia!


A little later, we got Dinah on the web cam!

So neat.

Leah and I made this cake. It means "You're the best!" Dosn't it totally look like a Napoleon Dynamite cake?

Cutting the cake!


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