Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Early Birthday Dinner

I got to begin my birthday celebrations early this year! Since Rose was going to be in town for Leslie's wedding, and Suzanne was going to be OUT of town on my birthday, everyone got together tonight at Salaam to celebrate my 30th!
Pink champagne!

I wore my dream shoes!

Mmm, grilled peach salad.

Suzanne got me a feather headband like the one she has that I LOOOOOOVE!!! Lucky ME!!

Anne got me a belly dancing scarf!! Jingle jingle!
Suzanne made her infamous french toast with bacon cupcakes.

Summer made little flags for them with my insignia!



Mr. Studlyhunk even dropped by for a minute! He's been out in California, getting his portrait painted for Blue Moon Wines' Heavyweight Red collection. Didn't it turn out so good?!
After dinner, I found myself faced with a pretty serious dilemma. The bread at Salaam is so good, SO GOOD, that I really wanted to marry it. But then Suzanne busted out her cupcakes and I wanted to marry THEM, too! I love them both!! Here I am giving the cupcake some lovin' while the bread tries to get my attention:

Now it's the bread's turn! Cupcake, don't look over here!

I think that turning 30 has given me wisdom, because that is when I had a GENIUS idea. Make a sandwich! A bacon cupcake sandwich on Salaam bread! Ménage à trois!


UPDATE 11.21.2012: Check it out! Chris Monday happened to write his September 16, 2009 daily comic about this exact birthday dinner! You can see it for yourself in his new comic journal Drink More Water. The sad part is that we would've totally been happy to share our cupcakes if we had only known!

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