Sunday, October 25, 2009

Indian Summer Run (as poodles!)

Missy, Summer and I ran the Indian Summer Run 5k this year dressed as poodles! Friday ran with us too! Thanks to Missy and Erick for most of these photos. Summer and Friday:

Ben ran as well, but not dressed as a poodle.

Off we go!


Missy and I crossing the finish line:

Missy holding Ben's race number. He came in 7th!!

Off to Tony's for some post-race Irish Car Bombs.

I wasn't really competing in the ICB race, because my stomach felt a little weird from eating a giant sandwich before running the 5k on a hot sunny day, covered in fur. So Summer kicked my ass!

But there are NO LOSERS with Irish Car Bombs!!

Four poodles, chilling at the bar.

Thinking about poodle stuff.


After the beers, Summer came over for some cornhole. I set up the self-timer on my camera, ran to the other side of the yard to throw one, and I will have you know that the bag I am tossing in this picture went STRAIGHT into that hole. CORNHOLE!

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