Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leighanna's Baby Shower

This morning was Leighanna's Baby Shower! We had a delicious assortment of breakfast items and other treats.

Look at how cute the cake was!

For a fun project, we each got to create a fabric square to be assembled into a baby quilt.


Speaking of babies, Miss Hannah was stealing the show!

Uh oh. How do we get that balloon down? CHALLENGE!

Ryan improvised a tool using a piece of bamboo from a decorative pot in the corner.

Will it work?


There was this super creepy bunny costume in a closet. Ella was wearing it around!

Summer invented an awesome game with the girls called "Tie your feet together." It was a huge hit!

Congratulations, Leighanna and Ryan! Can't wait to meet that baby!!!

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