Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Vana!

Vana and Joe had the whole family over tonight for a birthday potluck! They had an ENORMOUS bottle of champagne that we popped.

Moss made deviled eggs and hummus.

After the champagne was gone, we made a round of buttery nipples! So delicious.

And after THOSE, we had mimosas with some champagne that Moss brought! So many delicious drinks!

Time for the main course! Vana and Joe made enchiladas, and Ben and I brought sweet potato black bean burritos.


Plus pasta salad from Kayla, and a big old salad from Dennis.

After dinner, the ladies did some chatting in the kitchen.

And the dudes did some chilling on the sofa.

Nala did some sleeping on the chair.

Then it was time for presents!

For dessert, Cheryl made fudge pies with cream cheese icing. They were totally naughty and awesome.

Happy birthday, Vana!

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