Monday, August 22, 2011

Congratulations, Emly & Marc!

Today was Emily and Marc's wedding day!! Hooray! The ceremony was beautiful. As they exited the church, we blew bubbles.


There is the woman that did the marrying part!

Ben and Nancy!

Next we headed to Eclipse Company Store for the reception. Polka dots!!


APPETIZERS! Look at the size of THAT feta pesto dome!! Hilarie is the original source of the recipe, and I must say hers tastes especially magical. And it's extra delicious on that Salaam bread that I worship. Mmm. Look at that big giant bowlful!

YUM! Hilarie's famous lamb chops! And feta pesto dome!!

The weather was sunny and gorgeous.

Ry made lots of beautiful music.

The cooking club ladies (minus the bride, of course!) each just HAPPENED to wear a dress of a color that perfectly matched one of my polka dots!! *I* felt like a bride with bridesmaids of my own!!

So super fun.

Speaking of matching, J's beer (Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold) perfectly matched my purse!

Ben got a spanking from Yumi!

Wheee!!! There she is, the beautiful bride!

Shoe inspection.

Time to move inside!


They started things off with the most delicious gazpacho I have ever had. I think smoked olive oil was the secret ingredient?

Some of the guys did a game where they had to act out different animals.

It was hilarious!

The main course! Salad nicoise! Featuring amazing swordfish poached in olive oil.

YUM!!! It was soooooooooo good.

First dance!

More dancing!

Time for toasts! CHAMPAGNE!

Cheers to the happy couple!

Anyone who wasn't going to finish their glass of champagne donated it to Summer. (Lucky!!!)

Cake time! Yay!

Mmm, it was fantastic. My only regret of the night is not tasting all three kinds!!! But I might have exploded if I had. I forgot to take pictures of the incredible cheese course that followed the dinner, but it was amazing and I ate LOADS of it!!


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