Saturday, February 18, 2012

Japanese Cooking Club

Konnichiwa! Valerie was in charge of January Cooking Club, and she coordinated a night of Japanese deliciousness. We gathered at her mother Dru's home, as she used to live in Japan and owns all the accoutrement!

I made a gingery soba noodle and shitake soup.

The table was decked out with authentic Japanese cuteness!!

My place setting. Valerie made each of us a name card with our name in Japanese!

Yumi made sushi! Eel, spicy tuna, california roll.

Summer made little marinated tuna cups filled with delicious spicy tuna.


Nancy made savory little egg custards with enoki mushrooms, shrimp and fish cakes inside!

Valerie made tempura!

Look at Valerie's amazing 50-year-old kimono!!!!! She looked incredible!

Amazing, gigantic mountain of tempura. Valerie and Dru kept bringing out new things to pile on! There were Japanese sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, green onions, mushrooms, halibut and scallops.


Hello, little mushroom!

And of course, Sapporo and lots of sake to wash it all down.

Summer also fried up some SUPER yummy fish cakes! They were delightful.

Emily rounded out the night with two kinds of ice cream. Green tea, and brown sugar miso. With Pocky sticks! Both were absolutely delicious and it was fun to munch on those yummy Pocky sticks.

It was a truly amazing night. Sayonara!

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