Saturday, July 21, 2012

Herb Cooking Club

For this month's installment of cooking club, we celebrated the wonderful world of herbs! Yumi was our hostess for this delicious event. Nancy started us off with her famous apple thyme martinis. Cheers!

Summer made a little appetizer of prosciutto-wrapped feta and sage.

Valerie made Avgolemono, a chilled greek soup. It had lemon, rice and eggs, and was topped with a delicious heap of fresh dill!

I made spring rolls! They had basil, peaches, avocado and spinach.

I served them with a peanutty dipping sauce, and they paired BEAUTIFULLY with Yumi's delicious green papaya salad with cilantro!!

Nancy made a green bean and grape salad with rosemary, thyme and cilantro dressing. Herbalicious!

Summer made risotto with sage! She brought all the ingredients and made a fresh risotto on the spot.

It takes awhile to make, so we took turns keeping her company!

This was part of a taste test. She had made a batch the night before, and we were curious to see whether or not it was worth it to make it fresh. The answer was YES! While the leftover risotto was totally delicious, the fresh risotto was EXTRA creamy and amazing. I could have eaten a pound of each, though. So good!

Yumi also made red snapper with a cilantro chimichurri.

All together, now!

We played Apples to Apples while we made room for dessert.

Emily made rosemary watermelon sorbet! It was SO light and refreshing. Yum, yum, yum!

And finally, in the true spirit of herbs, Valerie brought us all giant bags of weed!

Haha, just kidding! That's catnip from her garden. Yumi's cat was going bonkers throughout the night trying to get at the stash. We all got a baggie to take home. Here is some footage of Charlie and Emma enjoying the treat. Things started off pleasantly, but then turned kind of vicious!

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