Saturday, November 09, 2013

Kate's Birthday Treasure Hunt

Kate's sixth birthday is coming up on Monday, and this afternoon was her birthday party! Mer organized a treasure hunt to take place at Stroud's Run state park.

Mer explaining the details of the treasure hunt.

Everyone got their own maps, and each girl got the chance to be the leader on a clue.

Kate and Bella reading their maps.

Pete loves maps and he helped them out a little.

Paying close attention!


Go time!

And they're off!

Kate got to be the first clue leader, since she's the birthday girl!

The first clue led them over this bridge.

They had to search underneath.

Off to the next clue!

Searching the rock wall for the next clue.

Chester was the only boy in the whole bunch, a brave man!

Listening to the next clue.


The next clue led them to this archway of fallen trees.

Glomming onto the clue.

Marching right along.

Another clue!

After all the clues were found, we headed to the grand finale. The treasure was buried at the top of Vista Point! Up, up, up!

Almost there!

We made it! It was revealed that the treasure was buried fifteen large steps into the woods.

The birthday girl got to wield the shovel.

"Dig, Kate, dig!!"

There it is!


Look at that fancy treasure chest!

Time to open the chest!

Treasures for everyone!

And a treasure of a view.

Ben got to the top first and told the kids that he was the treasure. Hahaha.

After the treasure hunt, it was time for cupcakes!!

YUM. Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry frosting.

Make a wish!

After cupcakes it was time for presents. Present opening with kids this age is like nothing I've ever seen. They cram together into the tightest little clump!!

Directing which present should be opened next!

Doll clothes! A little cowgirl outfit!

Yay, presents!

Happy birthday, Kate!!

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