Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cooking Club: Buy or Borrow

For cooking club this month, my theme was to buy or borrow a utensil, cooking tool or ingredient that you don't already own. I borrowed a springform pan in an attempt to make the delicious puff pastry broccoli and gorgonzola pie my neighbor Michelle makes.

FAIL!!!!! The shell totally drooped down inside the springform pan during the prebake. I swiftly transferred it to a pie plate and hoped for the best.

After finishing the prebake. Semi salvaged!

Starting to fill it with delicious ingredients, there may just be hope yet.

This Deep Eddy Ruby Red infused vodka is DELICIOUS. Cheers!

Summer borrowed a tagine pot! She cooked a basil fish curry in it.

Emily bought a Veggetti! With it, she made zucchini noodles!

Felix's first cooking club! LADIES!

My pie!! It turned out edible!

Yumi bought a paella pan and made a delicious paella!

Valerie made watermelon gazpacho that was amazing. With a hint of chipotle spiciness!

Summer's curry.

Emily's zucchini noodles, dressed with pesto and tomatoes!


Nancy bought popsicle molds and made us popsicles for dessert! This one was berry yogurt.

And this one was fudge chocolate!


If it doesn't get all over your fingers, you're not doing it right.

After cooking club, Summer, Ben and I went up to Casa to see the D-Rays play. It's Ohio Brew Week!

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