Friday, April 01, 2016

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Ben's birthday was on Wednesday, but we waited until Friday to celebrate because Fridays are FUN!

Cheryl and Kayla!


We took up a whole room!!

Ben and me!

Tom Yum soup! MMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

I had red and yellow curries mixed for my entree.

Ben had red and green!

Time for presents! This present from Mom and Dad matched Ben's pants!


Oooh, a shirt!

Little Kate painted this rock herself! She must know we love animals with paws!!

Cheryl got Ben a bag full of dog toys and supplies!


We went out back on the patio to have cake.

Kate and I both wore gray fleece jackets with pink linings! TWINS!

Ben and Rodrigo!

Derrick and Dennis!

Make a wish!


After dinner, we took a quick trip to see the cherry trees at night. Yep, still beautiful!

They look like popcorn!

Family photo.

Happy birthday, Ben!

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