Saturday, May 21, 2016

Springy Cooking Club

It's my month to host cooking club, and I often gravitate toward themes with very little structure. The theme I chose was "Springy," as in, "make something that you feel like eating this Spring." It worked quite well!

Emily brought a fresh baguette with butter, radishes, and salt. What a simple but satisfying spring appetizer!

She also made fresh strawberry lemonade. Look at that color!

Summer attempted to recreate the tropical nachos we ate in Naples.

She did a great job! These were a delicious rendition. That cheese sauce! They were served on fried wontons and topped with mojo pulled pork, finely-diced pineapples, jalapenos, and three-cheese sauce.

Yumi made an asparagus soup with mushrooms. So fresh!!

Emily made potstickers!

I love summertime cooking clubs because we usually get to have Nancy's sister Valaree as a special guest at least once. I was lucky enough to get to have her at MY cooking club! She made this delicious lemony quinoa salad with chickpeas, walnuts, radishes, and fresh herbs.

Valarie made this amazing peas, pea shoots, and mushroom gratin type side dish that was my favorite thing of the night!! I loooooove mushrooms so much.

I made shaved asparagus grilled pizzas!

The pizza went well with the cheesy peas and mushrooms.

Nancy made rhubarb crisp with rhubarb ice cream! DOUBLE RHUBARB!

Spring flowers. Thanks again to my messageboard ladies for the portrait of Charlie. It's been so nice kind of feeling like he's still a part of things.

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