Sunday, June 05, 2016

Nelsonville Music Festival

This year marks my first time attending the Nelsonville Music Festival! After years of hearing everyone talk about how much fun it is. I went out Saturday afternoon with Mom, and back out again today. There were storms off and on throughout the weekend, but there was also plenty of sun.

This afternoon, I was excited to see Kiss the Viper's Fang (David Bowie tribute with Marco Benevento and Superhuman Happiness). Mom and I managed to duck under the roof of the press tent porch as the rain poured down. We watched the first few songs from there, peeking through the tie-dye booth! It was a great location!

The rain cleared up and I headed back out. I ran into Melissa and her family! Blast from the past!

Vana and Skye were there too!

Really bizarre weather.

The sun came back in full effect for Randy Newman! I met up with Summer for this one.

Crappy Jumbotron photo.

Family portrait!

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