Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pawpaw Fest 2016

Happy Pawpaw Fest! Ben, Kayla, Derrick, Yumi and I took the shuttle out to Pawpaw Fest last night. Cheers!

Pawpaw Fest!

We found Dennis's electric car, but he wasn't in sight! We hung out for a bit, and eventually he wandered over from some of the other booths.

Derrick, Dennis and Ben chilling by the electric car.

Me and Kayla!

Aysha was there with her new wee baby daughter, Addison! Kristen was SO happy to hold her!

For dinner, we went to the Burrito Buggy.

Yay, Burrito Buggy!

They had this great swing dome that looked like a jellyfish at night!

Full moon at the Pawpaw Fest.

Rusted Root was the headliner this year! We stayed for the first few songs, and then it was past our bedtimes.


Today I went back out to the fest with Michele and Bryan. It was a little drizzly, but still fun! I got Ali Baba falafel for lunch. Yum!

Michele and Bryan tried throwing atlatl!

Go, Michele!

Go, Bryan!

Michele went down the inflatable slide! In a dress!! Brave woman!

See you next year, Pawpaw Fest!

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