Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fusion Cooking Club

Tonight, Valerie hosted us for Fusion Cooking Club! I made Indian Nachos and they were awesome. They had spicy chickpeas and potatoes, plenty of cheese, and were topped with a tamarind chutney, a yogurt sauce, and some fresh mint.


Yumi made Korean cheesy corn. It's a bar snack in Korea, but it's weirdly American too cause it's built like a southern casserole.

Summer made little fish packets with pasta, and a nutty pesto.

Valerie made Japanese fish tacos, with tuna inside!

Emily made curried butternut squash ravioli.

Nancy made s'mores popcorn.


Fusing flavors together resulted in a lot of deliciousness tonight. Cheers to another scrumptious cooking club!

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