Monday, April 24, 2017

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Vana and Joe are going to have a BABY!! They wanted to do a gender reveal party, and I excitedly volunteered to be in charge of the surprise. First of all, I got to know the secret FIRST! Secondly, I love to make cupcakes! So, I made chocolate cupcakes filled with either blue or pink frosting, depending on the gender contained in the sealed envelope Vana gave me.

Yang hosted the reveal party at his house. We brought a potluck! There was taco dip, salad, Miller's Chicken and pasta salad. Obviously, I brought cupcakes for dessert.

Cheers to babies and cupcakes and secrets!

Mmm. The suspense was killing us.

What color will be inside!?!

They still don't know!

That's a pretty big secret inside that lil' cupcake.

Uncle Moss was excited, too!

Everyone dressed with either blue or pink to represent what type of baby they thought it would be. Clearly some people were undecided!

Let's find out what this baby is!!


It's a....


It was overwhelming and exciting to finally KNOW.

Moss was really excited that he was right and will be the uncle of a little boy!


Frosting exchange!

Parents to be.

We dropped some cupcakes off at my parents house on the way, and Dad and Rod got in on the action as well. Fun for the whole family!

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