Saturday, June 24, 2017

AHS 20th Reunion

This weekend marked the 20th anniversary of the graduation of Athens High School class of 1997! The best thing about the event was that Jason came to Athens for it! He stayed with my parents. They made us breakfast!! Just like old times!

Saturday morning, Mark Chapman guided us through a tour of Athens High School! It was neat to see what had changed... This foyer was completely new! None of this was there when we went to AHS. I think it looks awesome!

Other things had stayed exactly the same. Mark teaches history in the same room Mr. Lalich taught us history, and it looks EXACTLY the same.


The auditorium was the same, too. Cousin Dan and I always sat in the upper back right for study hall, and we'd always get in trouble for talking too much. "YOU in the glasses, and YOU in the glasses. Quiet down!"

The band room looks exactly the same. It's ready for a makeover!

Outside the gymnasium.

Women's locker room! Featuring Ann and Leigh Anne!


Women's bathroom.

The same!

Bulldog paws.


Patrice and Jason!

After the tour, Jason and I headed uptown for lunch. The power was out, so most places were closed. Luckily, the Burrito Buggy was open for business! MMMM.

There was a huge Nerf war going on!

There was a unicorn prancing across the green, too! It was truly a magical afternoon.


That evening, it was time for the official reunion party! Sneak peek of our new car. It's desert khaki, oooh:

Reunion at Little Fish! Little Fish is owned by two Athens High 1997 graduates, so it was the perfect location.

Jason and Dixie Normous.


Julie Woodburn on the mic!

Group photo! Class of 1997!

Unicorn pegasus! Alaina!


Seth and Alaina!

Good night, y'all! Happy 20th reunion!

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