Friday, September 22, 2017

Moss's 40th Birthday!

Today is Moss's 40th birthday! He and Kristin threw a birthday party at their place.

Kristin made some AMAZING lasagna.

And there was cheesy garlic bread and salad!

It was a lovely night, so we ate outdoors.

Kayla and Ben!

My birthday is tomorrow, so we celebrated me a little, too! ICE CREAM CAKE!

And I made the chocolatiest chocolate cake, Smitten Kitchen's double chocolate cake.

Derrick and Joe contemplate the seriousness of the chocolate situation.

Birthday group photo!

Make a wish!

Birthday wishes!

Smile, Moss!

Lookin' good!

I got a unicorn backpack for my birthday, so pretty quickly it turned into a backpack party (with skate tricks).

Skate tricks!

Go, Derrick!



Backpacks, backpacks, backpacks!

The natural next step after backpacks is obviously wigs.

Backpack wig dance party!

Afro club!

Everything is more fun when you have an afro.

Craig and Kayla.

Moss, Kayla and Derrick!

Like I said, fro fun = MO' FUN!


Kristin and Bettie dropped their wigs but their natural hair looks just like Kayla's wig!


Happy 40th birthday, birthday buddy Moss! I hope your forties are positively AMAZING!

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