Sunday, November 04, 2018

Happy birthday, Yang!

Today we got together to celebrate Yang's birthday! It's tomorrow, but we wanted to try brunch at Pork and Pickles. Hi, Jasper!

Ben and I shared a ton of food. Corn pancakes with berries!

Soft scramble of preserved lemon, chives and dill creme fraiche, with an arugula and radish salad and crispy potatoes. These eggs were AMAZING. The lemon!! The dill! I think they are the best scrambled eggs of my life.

And finally, shishito peppers on top of creamy polenta, with romesco sauce and a poached egg. Everything was delicious!

Jasper provided entertainment.

Look at how proud he looks!

I love how everyone else is paying attention to what's happening next to me, but Jasper is still hamming it UP for the camera.

After brunch, we headed back to Ben and my place for cake!! Vana made some cakes for Yang. A pink elephant and a silly alligator! So silly!

Yang turned 43, so don't pay any attention to what you see on the candles.


Happy birthday, Yang!!!

Yay, cake!

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