Saturday, December 15, 2018

Tracy and Tina's Annual Holiday Party

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Tracy and Tina's annual holiday party! I made 40 burritos. 38 of them got eaten!

Bob and Summer!

Billie and Megan!

Joe, Billie and Megan!

Unfortunately, those are all the photos I remembered to take. OOPS! Thank goodness Billie took a ton of photos and sent them to me. The rest of these were taken by Billie! Billie and TJ.

Joe and Billie.

Joe, Billie and TJ.

TJ, Megan and Ling.

Cheryl took this one! The happiest moment of Billie's life! SMOOCH!

Cheryl, Randy, Kim and Billie.

Cheryl and TJ smile for the photo as Bob angrily eats a burrito!

Cheryl and Billie.

Billie, Randy and Cheryl.

TJ and Randy.

Ling and Billie.

Party in the kitchen!

Summer, Megan and Billie.

Joe, Billie and Summer.

What's a man like Tracy supposed to do with all that extra savoir faire?

And then Summer murdered me with a fluffy pillow and the party was over.

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