Sunday, August 22, 2004

Third Annual Slip and Slide!

Man, this weekend was a blur! It was action packed. Friday morning I picked up my friends Jamie and Jason from the airport in Columbus. Jason just moved to Chicago, which is where Jamie lives. They met and got to know each other on the airplane, which was cool! After I picked them up, we headed back to Athens but somehow screwed up and ended up driving on the beltway around Columbus for an entire hour. Whee. Circles. When we finally made it back to Athens, I dropped Jason off at his house and Jamie and I headed uptown.

We went to Bagel Street Deli for lunch. YUM. I had roast beef and cheddar. After that it was time for Anne to arrive in town, so we met up with her and went to get ice cream. We went to the Lollipop, where we discovered the Most Delicious Ice Cream Known to Man. Anniversary Cake Ice Cream, which is bright yellow and tastes just like cake. Then there are little BITS of cake swirled throughout, along with brightly colored frosting shaped like giant sprinkles. Heaven in a cone, I tell you.

After ice cream, we headed back to my house, where The Great Jeans Disaster happened. So that took up a good hour. Then we got ready to go to dinner! We went to Casa Nueva. Jamie has never been to Athens, so she has never gotten to enjoy a Casa Margarita!!!!!! So we enjoyed some margaritas and burritos. Then we went to Tony's for some darts. We all got tired really early, but it was torrential downpouring outside and we waited for it to clear up a little before going home. Luckily, Julie was there and she was a hero. She drove us to my car! We didn't get soaked!

Saturday morning, Jamie, Anne and I went to Casa for brunch. When someone has never had Casa before, it is crucial that they have Casa twice in 24 hours, to enjoy both dinner AND brunch! After brunch, we shopped a little bit and then got in our swimsuits, bought some beer and headed for the Slip and Slide!

Click here for Casa photos!

The party was great this year. The slide was really great! The pool was better than ever, and there was foam under the slide making it a breeze to go down. Unfortunately, the plastic didn't last all day and a large hole formed. It HAS endured three years of parties, I guess it's time for a new sheet of plastic. Summer and Leighanna hurt their arms in the hole! I didn't go down after that.

One of the best parts of the night was the fire pit behind the hot tub deck. We made S'MORES. I love s'mores. The worst part of the night was exiting the fire pit. The deck was really dark, and my eyes were adjusted to the bright fire, so I somehow missed the bench while stepping onto the deck and fell right onto my butt. Don't miss the pictures of my horrendous bruise.

The next day, Anne and Jamie and I went to Pita Pit for lunch, and tearfully said goodbye.

Click here for Slip N' Slide photos.

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