Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Anne!

I went to Dayton this weekend to help Anne celebrate her birthday! It was SO much fun. Friday night, Clark, Anne and I headed out for thai food. It was all amazing. The sushi was delicious! After that, we went bowling. I got to meet some of their friends, Sarah, Shad, and Ryan. We had pitchers of beer. I LOVE bowling alleys that serve beer and score for you.

On Saturday, Anne and I went to Little Saigon for lunch. I've been hearing about it forever and man, was it AWESOME! Then we did some shopping, then it was time for dinner. We had pizza and champagne! Marion's Pizza in Dayton is incredible. You wouldn't believe how much sausage they give you!

Then we went to this party at the F.O.E. Eagle's Nest. It was a great time. There were awesome snacks (Hanky Panky DIP!!), and I met some cool people. They had beer too. We smoked cigars. Afterwards, we played some poker at Clark's place. It was a super fun weekend!

Click here for photos.

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