Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dayton Invasion

This weekend, Anne, Clark and Ryan came to visit from Dayton! Friday night, we got some Pita Pit for dinner and decided to eat it at The Crystal. In the Crystal now, we're the fucking coolest now!

Even though the plan was to take it easy Friday night, we accidentally ended up at the Pub for aquariums. Who can say no to gigantic goblets full of beer?

After that we headed back to my house. It was a weekend of firsts for Ryan! He was introduced to Pictionary, which of course he loved. We were totally kicking ass and would have won but the other team pulled some cheating shenanigans.

Saturday, we headed uptown for the afternoon. It was a beautiful, awesome day! It was Earth Day so I guess it was appropriate. We did a little Athens shopping and had some Casa brunch. After that, we stopped by my parents' house so the boys could geek out in Dad's shop while Anne and I enjoyed the sunshine!

Saturday night, a bunch of people met us at Casa. They had scallop bacon tacos as the special! I sure did get one of those. After Casa, we went to The Union for Irish Car Bombs (Ryan's first) and pool! Basically, a perfect night. We walked home ten minutes before it began to storm, and watched The Office and ate spaghetti. Can't wait til the next viist!

Click here for photos.

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