Friday, July 14, 2006

Butt Turds Vs. Butt Pegasuses

So Summer and I played darts against Craig and Tracy tonight, and Tina hung too. I think the team names started out as Turd Whistlers and Unicorn Pegasuses? Or something like that. But they got changed to BUTT STUDS vs. BUTT PEGASUSES.

This beer by Bell's Brewing Company that they have at Tony's right now is the most delicious beer, seriously. It's called Burnin' Bells and it tastes like FRANZISKANER.

Happy Darts!

This girl spilled beer all over all of my stuff, so I fought her. It might look like she's about to punch me, but really *I* am about to stab HER with those darts in my hand. Hi-YAH!


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