Friday, July 28, 2006

Unicorns Vs. Ninjas

Tonight was an activity filled evening! First we started the night off at Suzanne's, with a great game of poker.

Afterwards, Summer attempted to do The Worm! She almost has it down. After a little bit more practice, she'll be busting a MOVE on the dance floor.

After all that, we headed up to Tony's to meet up with some friends and play a little darts. Mr. Studlyhunk showed up for awhile!

We divided into teams. Mike and I were The Unicorns. See our ferocious horns?

Suzanne and Summer were The Ninjas.

Dan and Yumi were our cheerleaders!

Look at Summer the ninja with all of those BULLSEYES! Damn!

The Ninjas beat The Unicorns, so we had to bow our horns in shame.


We drew a dead guy in the middle of the scoreboard, and Summer drew how the ninjas were going to kill him, and I drew the unicorn goring him. I was hoping this drawing would scare them into a loss for the second game, but unfortunately we lost again. Hopefully there will be a rematch soon!

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