Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chocolate Covered Orange Flavored Marshmallow Pumpkins

This week, Tracy brought in a giant box of Hershey's Chocolate Covered Orange Flavored Marshmallow Pumpkins. His friends at the bookstore gave them to him to give away because they were taking them off the shelves.

I don't particularly like orange and chocolate together, and this particular combination sounded especially sick. But worth a shot!

The product:

Right off the bat, we noticed that it did not look like a pumpkin, it looked like balls. Not appetizing.

Ben's was optimistic about his first bite. He thought "This might not be so bad."

But then the true flavor hit him. Disgusting.



However, he thought the chocolate coating was delicious, so he resigned himself to finishing the whole pumpkin in order to enjoy the chocolate bits.

My turn!


Sick. Although the chocolate coating WAS delicious, the orange flavored marshmallow innards were revolting and I couldn't eat another bite.

The results: Ben is a braver man than I.

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