Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Clark!

Since Anne's laser tag party was such a success, we headed back to celebrate Clark's birthday! I was going to take pictures inside, but it was way too dark. Here is the Briefing Area:

Ben and I played Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade!

Afterwards, back to Clark and Anne's for partytime! Here, Joe and Dave rock out to Guitar Hero while Nate and Amber look on.

Ryan and I compared our facial contorting abilities. We can both do the upwards-to-the-left lip curl:

But Ryan can reverse it!! I cannot do the upwards-to-the-right version.

I can raise both of my eyebrows individually, but Ryan can lift both of his at the SAME TIME!!! Amazing.

Mexican Tequila! Olé!

Robot Time!!! Me:

Me and Anne!


Zissou Gnome!:


Back to Guitar Hero! Allie and Ben are INTENSE!

The End! Happy Birthday, Clark!

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