Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Birthday, Yumi!

Today is Yumi's birthday, and we went to the new Salaam to celebrate! In the past month, Yumi has gotten a camera AND a cell phone. Who ARE YOU, Yumi? Whoever you are, I LOVE you!

Suzanne, who is usually an expert at opening champagne bottles, had a little incident tonight where the cork FLEW off! It hit the ceiling, making a HUGE BANG, and then sprayed the full length of our table and several tables around us. It was awesome. Everybody clapped. Look at Nancy protecting her eyes!

It was worth it though. Mmm, champagne!

I got the lamb kebob.


Summer got Yumi some rock climbing chalk.

But it looks like a COCAINE PARTY!

The classic birthday gift!

For dessert, we ordered Korean Tiramisu.

Rose and I had a contest to see whose tongue was longer. I couldn't get mine to not curl!!

Shoes! We headed to Casa after dinner for a drink.

Irish Car Bombs!

Irish Car Bomb

Irish Car Bomb

All done!

Rarrrrrrr! Feisty!


What is it with all my friends acting like vampires lately?

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