Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Kate's Birthday Party

Mer and Pete threw a birthday party for Baby Kate this afternoon! One of the items on the agenda was BALLOON FRENZY. This means that Mer and Pete secretly had 100 balloons waiting in the basement, and they brought them out and dumped them in the living room. FRENZY!!!!!!!!!!

Kate was so excited. She kept saying, "Balloons! EVERYWHERE!!!!" She is the blur in all of these pictures.

Mer made four types of cupcakes! Chocolate with vanilla buttercream, chocolate with mocha buttercream, white cake with raspberry buttercream, and white cake with chocolate buttercream. They were all delicious. Yes, I tried them ALL!

And a little tiny BABY cake for Kate!

Time to sing "Happy Birthday!"

Mer helped Baby Kate blow out the candles!

Isabella's birthday is next month, so she got to practice, too:

Watch out, Kate! Uncle Ben wants that cupcake!!

Luckily, he disappeared, so it was all hers.


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