Saturday, November 07, 2009

Housewarming Party

This weekend, I threw a housewarming party! After several major house hurdles, it was awesome to finally get to celebrate my new house. Dad has been working on COUNTLESS projects to help me get ready, and the last one was finished today. Hooray!! I have doors on the closet in my office!!!!! Thanks, Dad!!

The weather was gorgeous! We were able to open up all the windows and let the fresh air in.

Summer helped me set everything up. The food and drinks were in the breezeway. We got to use all the fancy plastic barware from Summer's wedding! It LOOKS like a fragile table full of breakables, but it's all plastic!

I made lots of cupcakes.

Mom brought me flowers!

There's another bunch!

After several rounds of house tours and snacks, we all gathered on the front patio, as Summer led us in a pink champagne toast!



Toasting with Vana!

Toasting with Pat and Mom! I think in this picture, that weird face I'm making is because I'm trying to show off my hairdo, since Pat is my hairdresser.

Cheers, Dan! I tried to get him to stick out his pinkie while he toasted, because it's pink champagne therefore it's fancy...

...but he just laughed at me.

Bob and Mary Jo and Megan!

Elise was taking lots of pictures on Uncle Tom's iPhone.


Such a good litte photographer!

Elise took this portrait of me:

Self portrait!

Summer and I shared a cupcake with no hands!

And our own special pink champagne toast.

Dance party!

Ella and Olivia. Aw!

Grandpa, Baby Kate and Chris!

Self portrait of Kate and Kate!

Dad fixed up one of his old Shufflebug sets for me as a housewarming present! It was SO fun! Go, Summer!

Summer and I were on a team, and Megan and Bob kicked our asses. It hurts!

Bob and Carl are amazing at Shufflebug.

Carl is such a cat lover!

Everyone's favorite time of the night! Unicorn pegasus time!

Rick is a first timer!

And repeat customer, Billie!

My flowers looked so gorgeous the next morning in the sunlight.

Thanks everyone, for helping me warm my house! It was so much fun to be able to celebrate together!!

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