Sunday, June 13, 2010

Congratulations, Vana!

Today we headed to Nelsonville to attend Vana's Hocking College nursing school graduation ceremony! Look, there she is! Graduating!!

YAY! So exciting. Time for a photo shoot! With Aunt Dae:

Vana and Dennis!

Moss and Joy!


(and Moss)

Dae, Cheryl and Moss.

Joe's parents! (and Moss)

Ben and I!



Group photo!

After the ceremony, Vana and Joe had a cookout to celebrate. Cheryl made this gorgeous cake:

Vana the RN!!


Cheryl also made a batch of cupcakes. They were all SUPER delicious.

Dennis and Vana.

Cutting the cake!

Mmm, cake with coffee ice cream. Such a delicious way to celebrate Vana's accomplishment. We're all super proud of you, Vana V! Congratulations!

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