Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rose Visted Athens and I Blogged About It On My Blog

Rose flew in from Korea this week for a visit! Leslie drove over from North Carolina and was supposed to partake in all of the fun, but she got freaking viral meningitis!!! SO unfair! We visited her at the hospital.

We spent all of Tuesday shopping in Parkersburg, and ended the day with games and Avalanche Pizza at my house. Suzanne came down from Cleveland to join in on the rest of the fun! We chose delicious flavor combos. Salami, banana peppers and mushrooms!

Roasted potatoes, bacon and broccoli!

And tomato, artichoke hearts and feta. YUM!

Suzanne brought Yumi the birthday present she had made her. A beret!

Rose wore the beret for awhile, because she knows French.

Today Summer hosted us for an amazing day of pool fun. Suzanne, Rose and I enjoying the sunshine and daquiris.

Suzanne brought a boatload of tabloids for us to peruse.

Suzanne SLAMMED her first drink. Rose was like "uh?!"

I love Summer and J's mimosa tree the most. I think I want one for my yard.

Summer writing down things that we said in our quote book. And a pineapple!

Time for champagne!

Champagne toast!

Champagne circle of friends!

Daquiris, champagne, what's next? CHI CHIS! The only thing better than a couple of chi chis is a couple of girls wearing MATCHING SWIMSUITS, with chi chis.

Chi chi chi!


Rose and me!

Yumi and I cheering in the pool.

It was one of those days that you thought was already perfect but then it just kept on getting BETTER. Cornhole!!


And then Summer snuck in with a CAKE! We couldn't celebrate Rose's birthday with her since she was way far away in Korea, so we made up for it tonight.


Make a wish!

By the end of the night, Rose and I were exhausted. We spent our last evening at my house on separate couches playing Words With Friends against each other.

I miss you already, Rose! Safe travels!

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