Sunday, May 30, 2010

Final Day of Erlewinefest

Meg, Liz, Aaron and Sam all had to leave this morning, so we got together for breakfast at Casa for one last get-together. Dad and Kate played with plastic animals!

Amy, Elise and Dan. There were so many of us that we flowed into that booth behind them, too!

Sam playing Peek-a-Boo.


His pancake was shaped like a mouse!

Mmm, huevos rancheros.

Family portrait!! Minus Sue, Tom, Judith and Ben.

Stephen and Judith don't leave until tomorrow morning, so we had a final dinner over at my parents' house. We got to play MORE cornhole! This is the best weekend ever.

Kate wanted to play, too!

Mer and Kate.

Picking up bags.

This girl NEVER walks! Ever. She always runs.

Bringing the bags to me!

So helpful!

Dad and Ben both wore their Hawaiian print shorts! TWINS!!!

Sausage plus delicious sides.

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