Sunday, August 01, 2010

Cooking Club

Summer hosted the August cooking club, and everyone just brought whatever they felt like! Valerie brought these little cherry tomatoes marinated in vodka for an appetizer. They were like little bite-sized bloody marys!

Summer made a round of ginger tamarind coolers.

Nancy made grilled corn and black bean salsa, as well as tomato salsa! So fresh and delish!

Summer made asian chicken nuggets. They are like fancy deluxe chicken nuggets!

Frying them up!

MMM. Served with spicy dipping sauce.

We took a break for awhile, to relax in the pool.

We decided to play a game of pooleyball, so of course I made sure to apply my Liquid Athlete, so I could bring my team to a victory!

After the game, we were hungry again! Valerie made these scrumptious grilled lemon garlic shrimp.

Emily made her own pasta!

YUM! Pasta time!


I made vegetarian tortilla soup.

For dessert, Yumi made panna cottas with apple cider gelée,

Soooooo good!

Another fantastic cooking club!

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