Saturday, October 02, 2010

Anniversary Celebrations

As of September 30, Ben and I have been dating for four years! Four is my favorite number, but something tells me they're going to just keep getting better. Since we both love to celebrate, we've been celebrating all weekend!

First we started by picking out some fancy beers. Thanks to Kate at BellaVino for the recommendation of Founders Cerise.

"You’ll have a soft spot for this one. Using only fresh Michigan tart cherries, this beauty tantalizes with intense flavors combined with a no hesitation malt bill. Adding fresh cherries at five separate stages of fermentation achieves the ultimate balance between tartness and sweetness."

This beer is so good that we basically FREAKED OUT. It's so delicious!! It is like EATING a cherry!!! But also drinking a beer! Both of which are awesome! AND IT IS PINK!!!!!! Look at it!!!!!

We also got this Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, which is super delicious. I think I would make a horrible beer critic because my review for almost every beer is "IT'S SO DELICIOUS!"

Ben got me an orange rose, aw!! And Dad got me those yellow daisies for my birthday!

Today we had a picnic, which is our anniversary tradition. We were going to do it in the backyard, but the neighbors were chainsawing and it was distracting. Plus this way we got to sit in comfortable chairs and crank up some tunes.

We had four types of cheese, fresh baguette, pita, crackers, chicken salad and apples.

Also, raspberries, strawberries, and chocolate covered pretzels from a local joint called Sarah's Sweets.

And best of all, some champagne! This bottle was a housewarming gift. Thanks, Tracy and Tina! It was DELISH! And LOOK at the bubbles! They were moving so fast that I almost took a video.


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