Saturday, October 09, 2010

Blennerhassett Mansion by Candlelight

Tonight I took a trip back through time to Blennerhassett Island in the year 1805. This is a special event they do annually, where they banish electricity for the night and light the island with candles. Such a picturesque scenario, and I totally forgot my camera!!! I was bummed when I realized it, but fortunately Leighanna was taking pictures that night, and said I could use hers! YAY.

Here we are on the ferry over to the island.

You can see some of the candles!

We had a harvest feast by candlelight using very futuristic styrofoam dinnerware.

The mansion was filled with candles. Look at the scary ghosts over to the left of the picture!!!!!

Inside the study.

This woman was playing the harp.

So many candles everywhere.

Waiting to go inside the mansion. The Blennerhassetts were throwing a huge party!

Here we are in front of the fireplace.



This guy was answering all sorts of history questions for us.



They were cooking huge platters of fresh gingerbread in the kitchen. Yum.

We went on a horse drawn wagon ride around the island.

Leighanna with our horses, Dolly and Sugar.

Campfire! There was a guy telling ghost stories, but they weren't very scary. It makes me think that the island probably isn't haunted. All of them went something like this: "One day, somebody heard a SOUND! Up in the attic!!! It might have been a GHOST!!! No one will ever know." or "One day somebody saw some silhouettes in one of the vacant houses on the island. It might have been people actually inside of the house but it ALSO MIGHT HAVE BEEN GHOSTS!!"

View of the mansion as we headed back to the ferry.

Within minutes of boarding the ferry, Summer somehow managed to sweet talk the captain into letting her drive the boat!!!

I love this next picture. I was just standing there GAZING at Summer, thinking to myself how it never fails - any time we go anywhere, she always manages to somehow up the fun level one special notch. It's like having VIP access to Extra Guaranteed Fun! I was thinking, "of COURSE she's driving the boat. I mean, of COURSE she is!!" and then the flash of the camera caught my reflection. Ha ha, look at me! I'm totally President of the Summer Fan Club!

And being the president certainly has its perks, because then she pulled me in and *I* got to steer the boat!!!!!!


There I am, steering us into shore.

What a great night. Thanks again to Leighanna for taking pictures!!

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