Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers Day Mojitos

Tonight we got together at our place to celebrate Mother's Day! Mom brought along the fixings for mojitos, featuring a gigantic bunch of mint fresh from her mojito patch!

Yum!! Refreshing, delicious mojitos! What a great idea, MOM! Yet another example of why we should be celebrating you!!


We played several games of cornhole.

And then headed inside for a feast! I made Thai Pork Stew and a huge salad.

After dinner, we headed back outside to play with some toys from Ben's vast collection. The highlight was one of those spinny things that shoots the flying disc way up into the sky!

There it goes!

There it goes again!

Up so high! It only landed on the roof once!


Kate is excellent at toy retrieval.

Ben busted out some little wooden gliders as well.

Fun with aeronautics!


Oops, one of the planes landed in our neighbor's tree!

Ben had to retrieve that one!

At this point we were ready for dessert. Mer made a Texas sheet cake with mocha chocolate frosting!!

Oh, hi, sprinkles!!


It was great to spend the day with family to celebrate the awesomeness of Mom!! I love you, Mom!

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