Saturday, November 05, 2011

Chili November Cooking Club

The theme of the November cooking club was chili. Summer hosted the event in her barn, because her new house is currently being built. Check out the progress!

We all got to take a tour.

It's SO exciting! I can't WAIT to come to cooking clubs here in the future!


Back down to the cozy barn to get started on the chili eating!

Nancy brought some of her famous sugared cranberries to munch on. I probably ate about a million of these. They look like little jewels and they pop in your mouth!

Yumi made Cincinnati Chili!

Served over spaghetti, with beans, cheese, onions and oyster crackers. I LOVE OYSTER CRACKERS.

Valerie made a green chili, which had edamame, spinach, avocado, chiles and more!

Served over brown rice. It was so different and so GOOD! Fresh and yummy. The avocado was so good in there!

Emily was sad, because while we were touring the new house, her chili boiled down on the hot wood stove and reduced by half!!! She thought it was ruined!

WRONG!!! It was AMAZING!! Hot and meaty!

And her cornbread was sweet and tasty and went great with the beefiness of the chili.

Summer's chili featured bacon, pork, bacon, ancho chilies, hominy and corn. And bacon. Bacon!

I made pumpkin, sweet potato & black bean chili. This chili also had a bottle of pumpkin beer in it! It turned out super spicy -- I think I got a naughty jalapeƱo!

I made beer bread too. I used the same pumpkin beer that went into the chili. (It also went into my mouth!)

Here is my chili with a heap of white cheddar on top.

Nancy brilliantly predicted that we would have plenty of chili, and made dessert instead! Pumpkin walnut cranberry muffins. They were so great. With some sugared cranberries on top! Perfect end to a chilly, delicious night.

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