Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Fourth Birthday, Kate!

Baby Kate turned FOUR today!! FOUR. She is not a baby anymore, that's for sure! Mom and Dad had a birthday party for her tonight. As soon as the party got rolling, we did presents.





This girl is serious about her presents. It's all business until the whole pile is unwrapped.

Then, it's time to enjoy them! High five for getting an AWESOME PRESENT.

It's Busytown! Uncle Ben got her a pickle car to drive around with the Busytown friends.

Time to set it up!

Coming along nicely! We had to pry Kate away when it was time to eat!



Remember the awesome bunny night light I got for my birthday? Kate has been hoping for one of her own, so I got one for her for her birthday!

Her very own.

Mer made this chocolate cake for the birthday girl!

With chocolate AND raspberry buttercream frostings!!!!

Happy birthday to Kate!

That is one happy four-year-old.

Make a wish!

The cake was AMAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmm, mmm! What a way to celebrate! Happy birthday, Kate!

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