Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cherry Trees!

Last night, Ben and I went to the cherry trees to celebrate their awesomeness. I look forward to them all year! What was even more awesome was that Bob had given Ben a stack of Free Taco coins for Taco John's! Better than gold!! We decided the blooming cherry trees was a good occasion to cash them in.

There they are! So beautiful!

Ben carried our Taco John's picnic while we looked for the perfect spot.


We decided to try the new fish tacos. We weren't allowed to spend our free taco coins on them, so we got them in addition to our free beef tacos. I thought the fish tacos were DELICIOUS!! Ocean-caught white fish fillet in a crunchy tortilla crust. Mmm. Served with a fresh lime!


We actually stayed until dark.

The trees look pretty at night, too!

This afternoon I headed back to the trees to enjoy them in the sunny heat of the day.

They're so white this year! Some years they are more pink!

I was actually there today for a special reason. To help capture a family portrait of Mer, Pete and Kate! Dad and I were the photography team.

One of these pictures is going to go up on the wall at Athens Bicycle! So cool!

I hope everyone has gotten a chance to go enjoy the magic of the cherry trees!

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