Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Cooking Club

I was the host for the March edition of cooking club. Since the first day of spring was this past week, I thought SPRING should be our theme. Spring is the best!!

Mom helped me pick a ton of beautiful flowers from her yard to decorate for the party.

As soon as Nancy arrived, she put a giant pot full of artichokes on the stove to steam.

Meanwhile, Summer dished up her soup to kick off the eating! She made a Spring Green Soup.

It was so fresh and bright tasting! So many delicious greens went into the soup!

Yumi made two loaves of ramp bread. One was a simple ramp bread and the other was stuffed full of roasted potatoes!! She also made a ramp compound butter with lemon. It was rampalicious!

Summer sliced into those beautiful loaves so we could have bread with our soup.

A match made in heaven!

At this point, Nancy's artichokes were ready to enjoy! Served with some lemon butter, they were very fun to tear into. Layer after layer of deliciousness!

I made salmon cannelloni with a lemon cream sauce.

This time, we passed around the potato ramp loaf! This salmon recipe is amazing. I made the little pasta crepes myself!!!! It wasn't even hard!!!! But I sure felt fancy!!

Emily made cornish hens. They had a yummy couscous stuffing and delicious garlicky skin.

There's my little guy!

Valerie made Special Rhubarb Cake. It was so sweet and crumbly and delicious. With a vanilla sauce drizzled on top. Perfect springy ending to a delicious night!

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