Sunday, June 03, 2012

New Car!

This weekend was very exciting. I got a new car!!!!!!!! I've been driving my beloved white Subaru Impreza sedan for ten years and three months. It has been going into the shop a LOT recently, and it was time to play it safe and get a new one. I won't have to miss my old one though, because Ben is going to drive it! Since he usually rides his bike everywhere, it will work out perfectly as a second car. My new car is another white Subaru Impreza, but this time I got a hatchback.

Signing papers (and papers and papers and  papers) at the dealership.

Whee!!!!! Mom pointed out that it was a neat coincidence that the first ever picture of me driving my new car just happened to have my favorite store Gabriel Brothers in the background. Hi, Gabes!

Last weekend, I went grocery shopping at Kroger. I filled my trunk with groceries, then stopped into Walmart to pick up just a couple of extra things. When I went to add those groceries to the ones already in my trunk, the trunk latch broke off in my hand!! This was an major issue because a couple of months ago, the only key that would open my trunk had  broken in half. So now I had no access to my trunk, which was filled with a week's worth of groceries. There happened to be a pound of salmon in there, and it was 95 degrees out!! I had a little giant freakout breakdown about how I was going to lose all of those groceries and have rotting fish forever locked in my trunk. It turned out fine, I was actually able to pry the trunk latch open when I got back home, but the moral of the story is YAY FOR HATCHBACKS!!!!!! Nothing can ever get locked back there ever!!!

A new car obviously calls for a celebration! We had Mom and Dad over for a summery feast.

I made the Eating Well recipe that I made last weekend, except I used trout instead of salmon. It was even better!!

Plus grilled asparagus and some whole wheat couscous.

Ben got our deck lights up this weekend!

Check out my cherry tomato plant. It has tripled in size in just a few weeks!

Another event worth celebrating this weekend is the arrival of PEACHES. My very favorite fruit of all time!!! I've been watching the lot where they bring the Sweet Georgia Peaches and they were finally there today. Just as juicy as ever!! I baked up a peach crisp to celebrate.

Yay for new cars and yay for peaches and YAY FOR CELEBRATING!!!

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