Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Party at Vana & Joe's

Vana and Joe hosted a potluck cookout this evening to celebrate Memorial Day. Derrick, Kayla and Mom chilling on the steps.

Everyone was happy and laughing as Joe threw some hot dogs on the Big Green Egg!

Chips and shrimp cocktail started the feasting!


Kayla made beautiful deviled eggs.

Dennis showed up with his famous chipotle dip!! Sooooooo addicting.

Gin and tonic! This was hard-fought because Mom and Dad brought gin but forgot the tonic. Then Cheryl drove to her house to pick up a bottle because she lives right down the road. When she got back, we couldn't find the limes!! So we improvised with some orange and they were actually really good.

Mom and Dad just happened to bring one bottle of Joe's favorite beers in the whole world!! Lucky Joe! I tasted it and it was really yummy.

Mom made orzo dill salad!

I made ANOTHER Eating Well recipe. Cherry, Wild Rice and Quinoa salad. I highly recommend this recipe! So nutty and chewy!

Time to eat!!

I LOVE party buns. Smaller burgers on little buns!! So cute AND it means you get to also have room for a hot dog!!!

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi, Dad!

It's FUN to hang out on the steps!

Hello, Iris!

Mmm, Cheryl brought blueberry pie.

So much amazing food! I love celebrating!

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